Flat Badge Maker for Ranking or Achievement




Flat Achievement, Ranking Badge Maker. Literally Multiple Thousands of Combinations and Choices.


Fully customizable flat colour ranking badges for use on websites, iphone apps, forums, blogs, clans, etc. Anywhere that you want to show different levels of achievement, rank, or experience, or just want to have a nice badge for something, or even use as a logo. There are literally thousands of combinations to choose from. File is setup at 300dpi, CMYK.


  • Flat Ranking Shield Maker.psd
  • Flat Color Palette.psd
  • Read Me.txt


To make a badge with the colour combo you want, simply turn on the visibility for that layer in Photoshop. For instance:

  • You could make one badge with 1 white star, blue shield, with orange laurel wreath, and a red ribbon that says “AWARD WINNER”
  • Another badge with 5 purple stars, green circle, dark fancy wreath, and a yellow ribbon that says “FORUM ADMIN”
  • The possibilities are almost endless!

The PSD contains multiple preconfigured flat colours of the following objects:

  • Centre Objects
  • Ribbons
  • Stars
  • 6 Sided Shapes
  • Circles
  • Shields
  • Laurel Wreaths
  • Fancy Wreaths

Each object is fully editable if you want to create your own colours.

Most objects and items come in the following colours:

  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Dark
  • OR Create Your Own Colour


There are two pre-configured Fancy Laurel wreath colours that work nicely as a subtle background:

  • Light
  • Dark

Create your own Fancy Laurel Wreath colours by double clicking the colour indicator for that layer in the layer palette.


Ribbon colours are fully editable. Each ribbon colour is in it’s own Smart Object layer group. Create your own ribbon colours by editing the contents of the smart object. Each ribbon has five segments where the colour is editable.


All ribbon text is fully editable, you can have it say whatever you want. There are two preconfigured text colours to choose from, dark and light.


“Bebas Neue” available for download here –


To resize, select all groups/layers, convert to smart object and select Edit>Free Transform or Ctr-T